Already for more than 80 years IJSBOERKE is an established name on the icecream market with a strong and popular brand. This authentic Belgian brand works as much as possible according to the principle “For us and by us”. In order to be able to offer an excellent quality that you can trust on, IJSBOERKE¬† prefers to work with Belgian ingredients. IJsboerke products are made from fresh Belgian cream from the farmers. In addition, IJSBOERKE only uses Belgian chocolate and sugar.

Development flyers

For IJSBOERKE , STATUZ already developed numerous flyers, in line with the current branding style. The Tricolore ice cream was given a devilish design, the Tartufo and the PannaCotta had to be presented in a stylish way and for the little ones among us … the Panda ice cream.

Design Trailer

Statuz has developed a new design where both the products of IJSBOERKE and JACQUES chocolates are put into the spotlight. Both tasteful brands have long been an established value on the Belgian market where we, as a Belgian, can be proud of. “Fun from here” places extra emphasis on the Belgian character of these products.