Working closely together to achieve superior results

In order for companies to be successful in an increasingly competitive market, it is essential that you present yourself in a clear and professional manner and that you continuously look for ways to differentiate your business from the competition. Developing a strong branding as well as formulating and implementing the right promotional activities that fit your product or service are indispensable.

In larger organizations, an internal marketing department takes on that role, usually in collaboration with a renowned external marketing/advertising agency. This often produces beautiful results, but unfortunately, not all companies have the same resources to work in a similar way.

Hiring a full-time marketing manager is not really necessary or financially viable for some small to medium-sized enterprises so why not strengthen your team with an expert who can fulfill your marketing tasks for a fixed number of days each month? Perhaps you are a Sales & Marketing Manager who would rather leave the promotional part of his or her work to a reliable one-stop partner instead of outsourcing your promotional through alternative channels ?

For these companies, we offer an appropriate solution : Co-sourcing!

What is Co-sourcing ?

Co-sourcing is a cooperation agreement between your company and Statuz, in which an experienced competent associate will take care of all your marketing requirements for an agreed number of days each month over an agreed duration. See it as an external colleague who joins your team on a frequent basis. This type of collaboration provides an even greater commitment as well as an enhanced partnership.

Co-sourcing was actually born out of outsourcing. Both ways have one common advantage, you no longer require to hire an additional full-time employee to fulfill specific tasks as you simply outsource these tasks to your external partner.

Advantages of Co-sourcing

What’s the difference?


An external “employee” who will reinforce your team on a frequent basis to fulfill specific tasks


  • Cooperation agreement for a longer term
  • Long-term vision : creating, implementing and adjusting complete marketing campaigns that will help to improve your business.
  • Improving the overall quality of the task in hand thanks to a greater level of involvement within your company.


Transferring portions of work to an external partner rather than completing it internally.


  • Cooperation agreement for shorter term.
  • Short-term vision : It is more difficult to get an overall impression of the corporate marketing strategy when you are not regularly involved. In most cases with outsourcing, the collaboration stops when the project comes to an end.
  • Less direct involvement compared to outsourcing.

STATUZ can be your outsource or co-source partner. For companies who want to give their overall marketing activities an extra BOOST, we recommend that you consider a co-sourcing agreement.

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